"I Wish My Hair Was Like Hers"

Ever looked at a natural on your favourite blog and thought "I wish my hair was like hers"? Or seen the image of a pretty, young thing and felt like you looked crap in comparison?

Well I have to admit I'm guilty as charged. As much as I love seeing some hair porn, I know that it can be an inspiration and a setback. I know, I know major contradiction right?

But what I've learnt is that, if I don't open up that beauty magazine or that blog or whatever, in the right frame of mind, I could close it feeling inadequate.

Inadequate because I feel what I have doesn't measure up to the image I see. In essence "the grass is greener on the other side" and the grass on my side of the fence is looking overgrown, tired and brown.

But what causes the "grass" on your side tend to look brown in comparison? It's all down to your ATTITUDE. If you concentrate in all the things that are negative then of course you will feel dissatisfied and inadequate. In order for you to achieve lush green pastures, you need to start appreciating what you have, look at the positives otherwise what you have will never measure up.

I would say it's almost impossible to completely escape that voice of negativity, that makes you feel small in comparison. However if you try to replace each negative thought when you feel inadequate with positive thoughts, comparisons will be irrelevant.

On a final note, we live in a society where images are constantly being pushed at us, selling us magic potions, recipes and products to "improve" who we are. Realise you are beautiful, you not need improvement because "God didn't make a mistake on you". (I know I went a bit off topic but I felt it needed to be said).

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