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If you've been following this blog, you'll probably know, I'm a sucker for hair accesories. I have an ever growing collection alice bands, head bands, scarfs etc, but as much I love them I know when it time for a break. Tight ponytails and afro-puffs can lead to receeding hair lines, which are never desirable. So for the last couple of days I've been wearing my TWA as-is which I love because it's easy, quick and not much manipulataion or maintainence is neccessary.

Day One.

How I achieve this look.
After a co-wash with Alberto V05 Clarifying Conditioner, I towel dry my hair to get rid of excess water. I then apply a capfull of olive oil followed by a coin sized amount of scented shea butter to my still damp hair (this isn't actually for styling reason but more healthy hair). Next I use a generous amount of Skala Shea Butter Leave-In Styling Creme or another curl activator lotion and "massage" it into my hair to achieve curls. The final step is to particion the hair into segment and finger comb in gel for brilliant definition, my preferred is Eco Styler Krystal Gel then shape if necessary.

Day Two.

How I achieve this look.
I wrap my hair at night with a satin cloth in order revive my TWA in the morning just a little water and finger combing is needed to from bedhead to fantastic 'fro. I actually prefer how it looks on day two; a little more natural and relaxed if you know what I'm saying.

BTW please ignore my messy house in the background of the photos, you know how it is sometimes....

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