"How ingredient conscious are you?"

There's no doubt in my mind, I am a certified product junkie, I get a high off buying new products whether they be hair/make-up/skin, you name it I'll most probably buy it (that's if I have money :P). But since my endeavors to become natural, I've been looking at natural hair blogs, vlogs, articles, etc and a lot of them talk about not only the effectiveness of the products but also what's in them.

Now if you would've ask me six months ago what was in my shampoo or conditioner, I would tell you I have no idea and neither would I have cared at all. But recently I've found myself going down supermarket and beauty retailers aisles analysing what's in each product until I'm happy I've found something without black listed ingredients. At first looking at ingredients was quite interesting but now I feel somewhat tired with the researching and analysing of ingredients in my hair gel (just an example) and it not just the ingredients, let's not forget about the pH levels! My point is this - my new found knowledge is wearing me out!

The more I learn about what manufacturors are putting in my products, the more I am put off of buying anything and my product black list just grows and grows...

Please check out the link above by clicking the image.
It has some good information eventhough they sound adverty, trust me

So now I want to put a few questions to you...

Are you ingredient conscious? Do ingredients influence what products you buy? Do you chose to make your own hair care products or buy homemade ones because you are worried about commercial products? Or do you chose to ignore information on ingredients? Do you feel the outcome of using the product outweigh what's in the products?

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