The natural journey so far: Learning from mistakes

There were a number of assumption I had in the beginning of my natural hair journey. I assumed things were going to be a certain way and found many of my estimations to be wrong. However I'd like to say 5 months later that I've learnt from the mistake brought about by my initial assumptions. So here is a list of my mistakes and assumptions, feel free to comment and add your own...

  • When it comes to hair products, price equals results. I remember I had bought this certain product (I will mention no names) which came with a hefty price tag and I was so excited taking it home thinking that this would be the miracle product. Finally got it home and used it, what did it do? Diddly squat. I couldn't believe it, I was so annoyed. I still got the product in my house but what I learnt was Lesson No. 1 - If the product is pricey do some research before investing.
  • Because a product is highly recommended, it will work wonders for you. After reading commentary on the web about another product (which will also not be named), I decided to buy it, thinking once again that this one would be the miracle product. I got home and once again little effect. Lesson No. 2 - Reviews and commentary can be useful but keep it in mind that hair is individual so results vary.
  • Certain products can significantly change ones hair texture. When I started my natural hair journey I remember having this obsession with the "perfect curl" and this "perfect curl" was nothing like my hair texture but I thought if I buy these certain product I'd get that curl because of the words on the container. It seems so obvious now but Lesson No. 3 - Product description can be misleading and Lesson No.4 - Perfection is unobtainable, whatsmore embrace your own texture.
  • My natural hair is invincable. I use to think because I was chemical-free my hair was ultimately stronger and I would be able to high manipulation styles without doing damage. I soon came to realise the high amounts of heat I was using were having an adverse effect on my hair. I later found out that I had heat damage, that had seriously messed up my curl pattern which was visible when I looked at my new growth. Lesson No. 5 - Black hair is fragile whether natural, texturised or relaxed, so even if your chemical-free doesn't mean you can ease up on hair care.
What mistakes/assumptions did you have when you went natural? How did you learn from it? Drop a comment with your experiences.

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