I'm so happy that 50 wonderful people are following and (hopefully) reading this blog. Thank you guys so much for your support and participation, I truly love doing this blog! And to really show my appreciation of you expect to see a bunch of giveaways very shortly...

I would briefly like to draw your attention to my first post two months ago;
"Hello and thank you for visiting my new blog - beautifulms 'beauty is a state of mind'.

I was actually inspired to create this blog randomly one day, as I was walking to the bus stop... lol. At the time I had recently become a natural (haired) girl via The Big Chop...

...after my BC I felt insecure about how I looked because my look contradicted the widely portrayed image of beauty. And you know what I realise now, that if you think you're beautiful and you walk tall because you feel you're that, people will see that confidence and see your beauty (well the worthwhile sorts of people anyway). That's what made think of the phrase 'Beauty is a State of Mind' - the real beautiful people are beautiful because what is in their heads as opposed to what is on it.

This blog is about feeling confident about yourself - the natural you. I wanted to create this blog to empower girls like me to seek beauty from within themselves as opposed to seeking beauty in a barbie image, the media portrays, you can't attain. I mean barbie maybe pretty and all but you ain't barbie. Whats more you shouldn't have to chase that image to feel good about yourself."

I hope I am achieving what I set out to do and I would just like to once again thank you all. I love you guys!

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