Blogger Spotlight: Turquoise's "Life of thee Accidently Chic"

May I introduce Turquoise, a fellow blogger and creator of "Life of thee Accidently Chic" blog. A fashionable and yet informative natural hair blog. Turquoise took the time out to tell us about herself, her natural journey and her blogging...

My name is Turquoise, and I am the creator of "Life of thee Accidentally Chic". I am a third year college student, and a newly wed. I also am a natural hair diva! *snap* lol. I am a little obessive about my hair, but name one person who transitoned to natural hair that isn't. I transitioned for 15 months, and have been fully natural for 7 months. I am a shopoholic that loves experimenting with new styles, and make up. My motto is "You may only have one life to live, but with that one life you can help plenty others."

The main reason I created my blog is because I simply love to write. Writing is a passion that I have had since elementary school. I just want to share my experiences with the world. If I can at least help out one person from my blog I would be extremely happy.

My blog is has a little of everything going on. I have fashion, make up, natural hair, and just post about my life. From random shopping sprees to hair growth challenges. You can find it all on my blog. There are also a lot of how to videos to help readers learn about different topics visually.

I think people who love natural hair, and fashion should visit my site. There is always something creative, and something new to learn from my posts.

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