Party Hair

Last week I just wanted to do something quick and simple to do to my hair other than rocking a headband. I don't think this style needs much explaination; it just two cornrows at the front with an off-center parting with my afro. I think this style looks cute. It makes me look younger than I am however I don't care to much. This actually reminds me of how I used to wear my hair in Primary School, lol...

If you can't do cornrows, you can always do flat twists which would really nice as well. You could also do the same thing with two rows of flat twists or cornrows for a little variation.
This weekend I went out for a friends birthday, I ended up rocking another cornrow frohawk because I wanted to have a sexy yet funky hair style and that's the only style I could think of. But I will find another hairstyle for going out, something sexy lol. Any suggestions?

But going out and seeing every other girl rocking straightened hair or weaves (not that some didn't look nice) made me think; my natural hair gives me an edge it makes me look different, unique and I like that. Plus I can dance as hard as I like without sweating my hair out (lol) which really didn't happen with relaxed hair. Love it!

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