I should've listened to my hair...

As you might know I recently made the decision to natural/organic on my hair products. But in the meantime I thought I might as well finish my not-so-natural products otherwise it would be a bit of waste. Then I got this 'bright' idea that whilst I was finish up with them, I might as well use up my pre-natural products. Let me tell you my hair was not impressed at all!

I decided to deep condition (or DC) with some KeraCare I still had hanging round which was pretty much full. Ignoring the ingredients list I applied the deep conditioner and rinsed out after the instructed 20 minutes.

Afterwards my hair felt DIFFERENT and I don't mean nice different either. It felt like my hair had been coated in lord knows what but I didn't like it at all. I have never had a DC where my hair ends up frizzier than it was in the beginning. I had to shampoo my hair to get it back decent looking.

Never again will I return to old habits and old products; my natural hair simply does not approve of with ingredients. Until now, I never realised how much ceasing to use 'cones, mineral oil and sulphates in my product impacted my hair; health and lookwise my hair is much better off without them.

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