The miseducation of dealing with my scalp and why you should stop scratching...

I was taught that the way to deal with a flaky scalp was to grab a fine toothed comb and scratch it out.Then when the majority of my flakes were gone, I'd coat my scalp with a layer of Daxs grease. Did this help get rid of flaky scalp problems? Well it did, though only temporarily. I would always have the repeat the process. During the last couple months of having relaxed hair, my scalp was the most irritated and flaky it had ever been. So I scratched and scratched and scratched and applied all types of hair grease but the technique and products just weren't working. But since I've become natural and changed my whole hair regimen, I haven't really had any scalp problem at all. Until last week when my scalp started to 'tickle' and as I was just about to pick up my comb to deal with it, I thought to myself "should I be scratching?"

Well the answer is... scratching is an absolute no, no. Scratching just causes more irritation and may cause hair breakage. Scatching the flakes away may make the flakes fall out but it doesn't get rid of the problem...

So what should you be doing? Massaging! Massaging whilst your co-washing, shampooing and oiling will relieve you of those flakes and will also stimulate hair growth... There are also alot of other techniques you can also be doing to help combat dandruff and dry scalp but I'll share them with you shortly so stay tuned... I hope this post helped someone out there though!

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