My natural hair looks like what...!?!

Since I've had hair natural I've had quite a few compliments from black women and I love getting compliments, like most women do... But after the compliments always comes that follow up question, usually along the lines of "What did you do with it?". Now I don't mind getting ask about what I've done with my hair but black women seem to think that I've chemically altered to make it curly. So I always get always a follow-up question like; "What did you do with your hair? Did you jheri curl/curly perm it/wetlook it?"

So the first, second and maybe even the third times I brushed the question off. But after a while I started getting annoyed, paranoid... I mean my hair doesn't look a jheri curl, does it?

Above: Man with Jheri Curl, Below: beautifulms with natural hair

I need your assurance; tell me my natural hair doesn't look like jheri curl/curly perm/wetlook, tell me it's just ignorance and I don't look like something from the 80s. Thank you.

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