Too much natural hair information?

Recently, I read a blog (can't remember which blog) about a woman who made the decision to go natural but ended her natural journey because she was overwhelmed by the amount natural hair information. Which me lead to me to question - Is there too much information on natural hair? And could the sudden boom in hair information potentially have adverse affect on the natural hair community.

I remember about 4 years ago scouring the internet, reading endless amounts of magazines and asking numerous hair stylists about what I could do with my then natural hair. At the time I found myself quite miserable because my countless searches through black hair magazines and online bore no results, only relaxed hair styles. And after a trip to the salon to get twists, I was left even more distressed because I was told by hair stylist that my natural hair "was too straight" to get rope twist that I desired.

Feeling like I had no other options, I got my mum to book an appointment at a salon so I could get my hair relaxed. I now think that if I had access to the wealth information like I do now, than I wouldn't have given into 'the lye' so easily.

At the same time I can understand that surfing the natural network and blogosphere can get confusing especially if your newly natural or just not familiar with your natural hair. You can quite easily obtain contradictory pieces of information on different blogs, ezines and networks for instance; one site may tell that you should definitely NOT do something where as another site may advise you to DO that same something or one site might recommend a product whilst another site might tell you to steer clear of it.

One issue that was highlighted in the post about the young woman and something I think may apply to many of us naturals on the net, is that we feel the need to keep moving without allowing time to readjust ourselves or rest. What I mean by this is that; because there is so much information, we feel the need to implement changes far too quickly and therefore we can become overwhelmed or stressed.

One thing that I'm certain of though is that natural hair websites, blog and vlog were a major part of my decision to go natural and keep natural. The photos and testimonies shared, helped me redefine my definition of beauty and re-evalute my whole thinking. And I think anything possible of doing that we can never have too much of really.

What do you think; Is there too much natural hair information? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there? Drop me a comment with your views on this topic...

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