Top tips for growing out a TWA

So getting your big chop was (hopefully) a good experience and since then you have grown to love your short crop a.k.a your teeny weeny Afro. But now your hair seem to be sprouting up and out past the teeny weeny lengths into those awkward middle in between lengths a.k.a the not so teeny weeny Afro (NSTWA). Styling your hair at this point can be annoying is distressing and irritating at points in time but do not give in or give up, follow these top tips and make the growing out process easier, quicker and hopefully less stressful...

  1. Patience is key - I know easier said then done, right? Hair grows a maximum of half an inch a months that means you may be able to grow and retain 6 inches in a year. So accept the process and keep your long term goals in mind, I promise you it will all be worth it!
  2. Accessorize! - At this stage in the game barrettes, stylish pins & clips, hair combs, scarves and headbands are your best friend.
  3. Stay fit and healthy - Keep in mind that a balanced diet and lots of water promotes strong healthy hair growth. Also consider taking supplements like biotin and zinc.
  4. Hats for those bad hair days - Bad hair days are going to happen but don't reach for the creamy crack, grab you super trendy hat. Robyn's Nest said it best, bad hair days = good hat days!
  5. Trimming does not stimulate hair growth - Yes, trimming your hair does not make your hair grow faster (that's just a lie spread by some manipulative hair stylist, lol). And there's no point growing 3 inches of hair then taking off 3 inches at the hairdressers. But a trim is well worth it if you have damaged ends.
  6. Protective, long lasting styles for less hassle - Relieve some stress by styling your hair in a long lasting styles like twist, braids and cornrows. These stills require maintenance but are much less hassle then daily styling and require less manipulation in the long-term.
  7. Condition, condition, condition... - Push your hair growth using conditioning treatments, masks etc.
  8. Look for intermediate styles - stop focusing on what your hair will look like and styles you would like to achieve when you reach longer. And start looking at styles you can do now!
  9. Extension for that longer look - If you really can't wait for your hair to reach longer length then I think extension maybe the option provided you take care of your natural hair making sure extensions are not to tight/heavy.
  10. Avoid harsh chemicals - Ok, so your relaxer/texturiser-free but there are other chemical processes that are harsh on hair too such as dying and bleaching. However, a good alternative to colouring is using 100% natural henna, indigo or non-peroxide colouring.
  11. Avoid heat application - Heat damage is curl killer and believe me, heat damage does not discrimate between long term heat users and one-off heat users, so be careful! Don't lose your length to heat damage you can't reverse the damage the only way to lose it, is to cut it.
  12. If all else fails... Consult a  proffesional, competent, natural hair stylist or maybe even a trichologist if your having extreme growth problem.

I hope these tips help you reaching your hair length goals and make the process less stressful. If you have any other tips drop me comment, it would be much appreciated.

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