Using "white" hair products...

Last week me and my friend were in the hair shop looking at hair dye. I told her I usually use L'Oréal Preference "Antigua". She turned around and told me about "why am I using white peoples hair products?". I replied with "I've used Dark and Lovely products and I'm always underwhelmed by the outcome. Plus Dark and Lovely is not owned by black people anyway". She responded with "Well, I don't buy hair products that don't have a black person on the front".

Personally, for me I'll buy a hair products because it works, I have no problems using a product that is not specifically marketed to my race. But on the other hand, I can understand why somebody would want to "buy black", as a race we should support each others business ventures etc. However, SoftSheen Carson (Dark and Lovely) is not a black owned business at all, it was bought over by L'Oréal in 1998. Therefore, the money is ending up in the same pockets anyway!

Currently, I'll use brands like Alberto V05, Herbal Essences, L'Oréal, Pantene, Tresemme etc because they do wonders for my hair as opposed to some of "black" commercial products (and they're cheaper & larger). There are few real black-own black hair products and I'll happily discriminate in their favour (if it's a good product that is). But other than that I'm not going to put "black" commercial products on a pedestal above any other products just because those are the ones specifically marketed at me.

This post is totally my opinion though. Hit me up with a comment if you agree or disagree with what I'm saying... Share your views.

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