The 411 on... Dandruff

So not long ago I did a post called The 411 on... Dry, Itchy Scalp which was about.. the title is self explanatory really. So this post really is continuation of the the topic of scalp care and something most of know the name of but probably don't really understand, dandruff (although you may think you do).

In the previous post on dry, itchy scalp I mentioned how flaking scalp doesn't equal dandruff. And so in this blog post I'm basically going to break down quite simply what dandruff is, how it is caused and how to tackle it. Ok? (lol)

What is dandruff?
Dandruff is the shedding large flakes of dead skin cells from the scalp (it is also known as pityriasis capitis and seborrheic dermatitis). The scalp may not neccesarily be itchy or may not be significantly itchy.

What are the causes of dandruff?
When oil glands produce excessive amount of oil, resulting in an inflamed reddened scalp. Fungus which normally lives on the scalp, but may overgrow on the greasy scalp, irritating it and causing scaling. It may also be caused by using other people hair utensils eg. brush, combs, etc. Chemical treatment can also cause dermatitis.

What can I do about dandruff?
You can treat dandruff by switching to a medicated shampoo. You can also you used creams like cortizone (to reduce imflammation) and/or anit-fungal creams. More frequent washing of hair to reduce build up with either shampoo or a clarifying conditioner. All these method will help dandruff temporarily.

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