The 411 on... Trimming

Why trim hair?

The ends of our hair can easily become damaged by environmental factors (such as cold weather, polution) but also by the styling and manipulation we do. This damage can cause our hair to become frizzy, dry, thin, knotty, spilt-ends and therefore unmanageable. Sometimes the damage concurred to the hair ends cannot be undone or reversed and subsequently it is best to take those ends off by "trimming" them. If you don't trim the damaged ends you may find it hard to style and the damage may spread to the rest of the hair.

Wrong reasons to trim hair

"To make my hair grow"
This is a total myth. As I mention before in a previous post "... trimming your hair does not make your hair grow faster (that's just a lie spread by some manipulative hair stylist, lol). And there's no point growing 3 inches of hair then taking off 3 inches at the hairdressers. But a trim is well worth it if you have damaged ends."

"It's neccessary to trim my hair every 6-8 weeks"
No it is not neccessary. Only if your ends have suffered some sort of damage since you last trip to the salon (or since you last trimmed it).

When to trim?

If your hair is damaged; frizzy, dry, thin, knotty or has spilt-ends and you have tried deep conditioning and protein treatment but the damage seem irreverseable then it may be time for a trim.

How to trim hair?

Afro/kinky/curly hair is subject to shrinkage so it is best to stretch our hair to get an accurate, conformative cut/length. Basically always dry trim and do this on either blown-out, straightened or banded hair. Always use proffesional shears not household scissors - household scissors are not sharp enough and may cause more damage.

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