Getting stick for being au naturale | How do you deal with it?

I've heard a lot of people speak about their negative experiences concerning wearing their natural hair but I've never had a negative experience or comment come my way until recently.

When I say negative experience I don't mean anything devastating, more like patronising commentary...

You see I have this friend... and recently she been commenting on my style. It's not particularly the comments that upset me but the way she says it. Quite derogatory.

She said I look like Indie.Arie and Jill Scott - two of my favourite artists nonetheless and I feel they are both beautiful and talented. But I know she meant it as more of insult because to her Jill Scott ain't got nothing on Nicki Minaj.

Also I look "ethnic" she says, which is weird because I thought I was "ethnic" and I thought she was too. I think the what she really meant was afrocentric - which once again is a comment I don't mind but it's just the way she said it.

And I forgot to mention I look like the type of girl that would just pull out a guitar and start singing (I know, WTF???). Apparently I'm some sort of hippie because I wear my hair natural, wear earthy coloured clothes and animal prints...

I shall not continue stating her other comments because I think you get the point. I know what you guys must be thinking as well, how can you call a person who says that your friend - she's a fun person to be around.

Her comments didn't really upset me but they did annoy me. I don't look down on her or make derogatory comments on her clothing and hair choices (and believe me, I could). But even so I don't let her comments affect me, I realise I've come to a place where I'm happy with who I am and therefore negative comments merely get shaken off and laughed off. I'm secure in in who I am - beautiful, talented, smart (not being cocky or anything) and no one can tell me any different!

So... Have you experienced any negative comments, attitudes since going natural? How have you dealt with it? Did it affect you? Drop me a comment with your views.

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