Repairing Damage; Winter Hair Regime

Time for a regimen change!

I knew it was time to change my regime because my hair was deteriorating in health even though I was continuing a hair care routine that usually worked. My hair was becoming dry, I was getting single strand knots, my hair was frizzy and undefined - all signs that something in my regime needed changing...

This regime in two words is protein and moisture. Protein to repair any damage like split ends (and split middles). Moisture to overcome dryness of course but also to get rid of those damage single strand knots and frizziness.

1. Co-wash with Alberto V05 Moisture Milks Conditioner.
 One of my favourite conditioner it make my hair really soft and curly. I co-wash with this quite often sometime even daily but usually every 2-3 days.

2. Spray with moisture spritz mixture of Care Free Curl Curl Activator, Glycerin, Leave-In (All Ways Natural) Conditioner and water.
I got this mix from KisforKinky (great blog) mix 50% Care Free Curl (or alternatively S-Curl Curl Activator) with water (about 25%). Add a generous squirt of your choice of leave-ins and about a tablespoon of glycerin. This moisture spritz works really well for me and I can make this concoction in seconds!

3. My favourite leave-in conditioner and moisturiser at the moment, Shea butter (whipped or melted).
Apply to hair in sections. The raw stuff can be difficult to apply so using whipped or melted Shea Butter can make the process much easier. When I started using Shea Butter for a moisturiser I completely ousted away those fairy knots, it's amazing what one simple natural ingredient can do!

4. Style with Eco Styler Gel.
I use no other gel. It doesn't dry out my hair, it gives my great definition, it isn't sticky, tacky or flaky. Love it!

5. Sealing and thickening with Castor Oil.
This has to be one of my favourite oils. A little goes a long way with this oil which is always a plus. It is great for sealing and can also help improve thinning hairlines.

6. Deep condition with a homemade concoction of Mayonnaise, Egg and Honey.
I DC every two weeks with my homemade mixture, I created all by myself. All you will need is 8 tbs of mayo, 1 egg (yolk and whites), 1 tbs of honey and some  conditioner (your choice - this is just for the smell). Add and mix together and apply to hair for 15-30mins. Avoid adding mixture to scalp and thoroughly rinse out. This DC mix is great because it contains eggs and mayo for protein and honey (a humectant) for moisture.

7. Shampoo with Samy Pure Natural Sulphate-Free Shampoo.
I know some naturals don't use shampoo but I still do because I still sometimes need that squeaky clean feeling. The biggest beef naturals have with shampoo is the sulfate which can really drying on our hair but using a sulphate-free shampoo can obviously solve this problem. I alternate my shampooing with my DCing.

8. Repairing damaged hair with Motions Professional CPR Protein Reconstructor.
This is my protein treatment of choice, it's a great was to repair heat damaged hair - like mine. What a protein treatment basically does is strengthen the hair by filling in "the gaps" or wear and tear with protein. I use a protein treatment after I shampooo, so every two weeks.

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