Him and your hair: Does your partner affect your hair decisions?

I wanted to go natural long before I did but at the time I knew he wouldn't like it. By he I mean my boyfriend at the time. I felt that he would no longer be attracted to me if I went natural so I didn't make the transition.

When I met my current boyfriend I had relaxed hair. He was more for natural hair than I was at the time. With his support I was able to make the transition to natural hair.

Now recently, I bought a phony pony for my Wonder Woman costume - it was a long, straight black and blonde pony. I didn't especially like the style but I fell in love with the ease of styling with it, so I bought another one that was more textured to blend with my hair better. My boyfriend hates it (not because it doesn't look good though)! so I never wear it around him...

So what I was wondering is...
How does your partner affect your hair decisions? Does your partner care about how you style your hair? Do you style your hair regardless of his likes and dislikes? Hit me up with a comment!

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