2011 Hair, Health and Beauty Resolutions

As it draws closer to the end of this year, I like many other, have begun thinking of what I want from the year in front of us... As much as 2010 was quite productive, well... there are some things I could improve on and just do better.

In 2011 I promise...

    For my Hair
  • To do more protective styling. I have to admit I totally slacked on this. I meant to do it but I just got lazy, the truth be told. Therefore I promise in 2011 I will be bunning, pinning, cornrowing and twisting way more then I did in 2010.
  • To grow my hair somewhere near shoulder length. I'll admit that recently I've become quite complacent when it comes to doing my regime and consequently I haven't been retaining length all to well. So next year I promise to stick to my routine, improve my hair practices and record my progess so I can gain some length.
  • To finally conquer twists! You may not know or believe this but I have not managed to successfully accomplish two-strand twists yet; they always unravel. So I must, must, must successfully complete and wear at least one two-strand style in 2011.
  • To commit to deep conditioning, protein and hot oil treatments every two weeks. I've been on these also so I must get back on track with especially to  overcome my recent damage.
  • To make time to try out new hair styles. The truth is I found a couple of hair styles I liked and now I just rotate them. Hence I am in need of some new style and in 2011 I will experiment, search youtube and blogs for new hairstyles.

    For my Health
  • To get more sleep. I love my beauty sleep so I don't why I persist to deprive myself of it by staying up to the wee hours of the early morning. So next year I'm not staying past my bedtime, 8pm, lol.
  • To drink more water. My 6 week challenge to drink water was an epic fail last year so maybe this year I shall prevail against it.
  • To eat breakfast. I always rush out my house without breakfast so that means I am a total zombie in the morning then I tackle it by snacking all day. Bottom line is it ain't good and I need to kick the habit of skipping breakfast.
  • To eat more nutritional food and stop snacking on crap.
  • To exercise more. I mean I haven't exercised since Physical Education in Secondary School and I think it's starting to show now I'm in university (eek!).

    For my Beauty
  • To invest in more natural, organic, quality beauty products. I so wanted to do this last year but the money wasn't there so no luck but 2011 I will search out the best of best in products.
  • To make more homemade beauty treats.

What are your resolutions for 2011?

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