Best Posts of 2010!

2010 was a good year for posting for me (well, at least I thought it was!). In 2010 I discussed everything from trimming to natural hair and employment, from ghastly hair product ingredients to easy peasy hair styles. Although, there are many more topics and issues to be discussed in the new year.

So to mark the end of the year I have made a compilation/countdown of mine and your favourite posts of 2010 from this blog (according to numbers of views, comments, retweet etc). I hope you enjoy this trip through this blogs archives...

10. Tops tips for dealing with damaged hair...
"Well it happens to the best of us; one day you use an "off" product or you forget to use protectant whilst heat styling or maybe it's just because your hectic lifestyle has made you neglect your hair for a period of time - and before you know it, the damage is done. But what can you do really do after the damage is done? Well, you can follow my top tips..." 28.09.2010

9. hair diary | flat twist and puff
"This hair was actually inspire from a fellow natural (I wish I could show a picture of her hair but I currently don't have permission) but she did hers with a side bun as opposed to an afro puff but my hair is not long enough for that yet! I guess this hairstyle is quite similiar the braid crown I posted before but is a still a very cute variation!" 03.10.2010

8. hair diary: last weeks hair
"This weekend I went out for a friends birthday, I ended up rocking another cornrow frohawk because I wanted to have a sexy yet funky hair style and that's the only style I could think of... But going out and seeing every other girl rocking straightened hair or weaves (not that some didn't look nice) made me think; my natural hair gives me an edge it makes me look different, unique and I like that." 16.08.2010

7. "Will my natural hair stop me from getting jobs?"
"'Natural hair is not accepted in the professional world', a statement I've heard from many black people from the girl on Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' to my own boyfriend but is it actually true. Are natural haired brother and sisters being refused jobs/promotions because they choose to wear their tresses in it's natural state?" 11.07.2010

6. hair diary | hair regime and products (summer regime)
"I just wanted to post my hair regime as it stands, I've been playing products and techniques and finally I think I got something that works for me & my hair. For me, daily styling has to be quick, easy and effective also because I'm in full time education, it needs to be cheap. Check out my fav products..." 30.06.2010

5. Repairing Damage; Winter Hair Regime
"Time for a regimen change! I knew it was time to change my regime because my hair was deteriorating in health even though I was continuing a hair care routine that usually worked. My hair was becoming dry, I was getting single strand knots, my hair was frizzy and undefined - all signs that something in my regime needed changing... This regime in two words is protein and moisture. Protein to repair any damage like split ends (and split middles). Moisture to overcome dryness of course but also to get rid of those damage single strand knots and frizziness." 03.10.2010

4.Tops tip for dying and looking after dyed hair
"Dying hair can be a great way to switch up your look. I mean colored hair can look funky, sexy, edgy and maybe even shocking. But before you reach for your hair dye applicator bottle, it needs to be understood that colored hair needs a different type of care/treatment. Colored hair is more susceptible to damage, dryness, frizziness, split ends, coarseness, etc and therefore there are a few factors you should consider before you dye..." 15.11.2010

3. every curly needs... tools of the trade
The title is pretty self-explanatory really. This post was a guide to what bit pieces a natural-haired girl should have in her tool kit. 09.10.2010

2. Top tips for growing out a TWA
"So getting your big chop was (hopefully) a good experience and since then you have grown to love your short crop a.k.a your teeny weeny Afro. But now your hair seem to be sprouting up and out past the teeny weeny lengths into those awkward middle in between lengths a.k.a the not so teeny weeny Afro (NSTWA). Styling your hair at this point can be annoying is distressing and irritating at points in time but do not give in or give up, follow these top tips and make the growing out process easier, quicker and hopefully less stressful..." 12.08.2010

1. Curl Definition Techniques
"I've been asked quite a few times how I achieve curl definition on my 'fro, so I decided to share my techniques. My techniques come from a number of sources; suggestion from other people that I've either perfected or altered, and experimenting with the way I apply or use products." 21.09.2010

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