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by Debora Mendoza, Blogger at 'Shine Like Starlight*'

So what is the difference between being Stylish and having Style? Being on trend and having good taste?

I've been thinking a lot about this question really and I have noticed how their are people that dress according to what they see on the mannequin or in the magazine without regarding their own personal body shape or even their own personal style - and you get some very weird results at the end of that *squirm*.

Where am I going with this?

When I think of someone who is stylish, I tend to think of someone who dresses according to the latest fashion fad: Here today, Gone Tomorrow. They endlessly spend money on new clothes because its "in" and they can't bear the notion of wearing the same top they wore two months ago.

They way people dress tells you a lot about a person. If your hem line is too high, people start talking, if you constantly wear black, people start talking, if you wear to much make up, people start talking. PEOPLE ARE OBSESSED WITH LOOKS!

I once knew a girl who got me all in a muddle. I saw her one day and she was all street and "ghetto-ed" up. Two weeks later, I saw her in a more skater girl, crazy (but beautiful) converses style and then a bit after I didn't recognize her because she was wearing so much make up that her face shape looked completely different.(She had gone for a more grungy look, but with tons of makeup). I was confused. At a party that I went to, I bumped into her again, (I recognized her more this time, she was in night-life mode, nice dress, absolutely lovely shoes), talked to her and another friend and found out that this girl was going though a lot. Family problems, school problems and some other things which made me realize one thing: She didn't know who she was.

There are a lot of girls out there (and boys) who base who they are on who they see around them. This can be a friend, cousin, brother/sister, tv actor, singer, athlete, teacher, POP kid in school.... the list is endless. They are so scared that people won't accept the real them so they create this facade of this other more prettier, more popular person. They never truly discover who the real them is.
In my opinion having your own personal style does not just apply to clothes but also mannerisms and the way you approach things. You can have your own style in talking to people, going about your projects, writings etc. They way you may do something is completely different to they way someone else may do it. There is nothing wrong with that, there is nothing wrong with you being you.

Personally, I love the feeling I get when I buy new clothes. It's exciting. I start thinking what I can wear it with, how and when. I go out and buy clothes that fit me and if I try them on and its too tight or shows too much then its exchange/refund time. The way I dress maybe awful to one person, but I like it. They way my friends dress looks great on them but I could never wear it.

I am small and not supermodel skinny, so I don't wear anything body fitted because I look like a potato but it might look great on some of my taller more slimmer friends. If I am comfortable, then I am happy. I do not need to update my wardrobe every time Gucci creates a new collection. Does my personal style have a name? Yes, its called : The Style of DEBORA LUZ MENDOZA DE LA PORTILLA.

You have your own too..

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