Retaining Moisture using the Baggying Method

Baggying is a method used for adding moisture and retaining moisture to hair. In the baggying method a moisturiser or conditioner is applied to the hair and the hair is then cover with either a plastic cap, shower cap or plastic bag overnight or for an extended period of time. The result most experience from baggying are softer, moisturised, hydrated and healthier hair.

I used the baggying method on my hair last night because my hair was just overly neglected and DRY! (I was doing intense last minute studying for exam). I used S-Curl Activator and Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In and the results were tremendous, honestly I wish I had taken some before and after photos because my hair transform from dry and crunchy to super soft and curly (I mean those curls were POPPING!!) – I actually couldn’t believe it. The results actually rivalled those of a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment, so I would absolutely recommend baggying if your hair is going through a disastrous dry spot that you try this.

Actually baggying can be used for than just dry hair revival… It can be used to get and maintain healthy ends, also it can prevent hair breakage and therefore you retain more length.

Below are a few video of how to baggy correctly – so check them out for more information.

**Top tips
** Don’t use to much moisturiser as this may cause breakage.
** Product like S-Curl are great because they contain glycerin (a humectant) which draw moisture from the air.
** Don’t seal the hair after you have the moisturiser
** Don’t baggy everyday!

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