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Yesterday marked a year since I took the bold step to become natural with my big chop. I can’t believe it’s even been that long – it seems like forever and yet no time at all! I’ve really enjoyed having natural hair and really proud of myself for getting this far!

So here are just some photos showing the journey so far… I’ll probably do another video with all my hairstyles so far later on!

I wasn’t sure about the decision to go back to my natural hair at the time I went to get my hair cut off but I’m so glad I did it now!

1 month natural 21 month natural

3 months natural 63 months natural
This was the stage when I started playing around with accessories mainly head bands!

At 5 months my curls were so healthy, shiny and popping (above) then I made a major mistake straightening them out (below) with a cheap straightener and without protectant and I got major heat damage. My curls were left without lift, they were dull frizzy and semi-straight (below). I had to nurse them better for a long time!


banging pic of me
I was slightly disappointed at 6 Month because although my hair had definitely grown I could see thinning ends, frizziness, dryness and dry bits.



My hair is currently 51/2 inches long – the back is nearly touching the top of my shoulders, so I’m pretty excited. I think I’m at the stage where I can stop trimming the ends because my hair is much more healthier and now I can start just retaining length. My first goal is to reach shoulder length with hair so I can do much more creative styles!

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