Curly Afro

100_3236[1]It’s quite rare for me to wear my hair out with minimal styling, so I thought I’d just see how it’d look on one of my days off from University. I’m quite impressed with how it turn out actually – I really should just wear my hair just curly more often.

To achieve definition what I did was spray my hair with a water, glycerin, leave-in conditioner mixture so it was damp. Then I applied some Curls Whipped Cream to section of my hair smoothing it in and finally I raked and scrunched my hair with Eco Styler Gel Krystal. To achieve volume I shaked out my hair continuously (rock star style) and tugged curls gently to get them in the places I wanted them to be.

Lastly I added a little gold flower pin to accessorise. When my hair dried my curls were springy and popping and not dry or crispy at all. To keep the curls you can pineapple at night (which is basically doing a high ponytail) and wear a satin bonnet.


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