“Natural hair looks good on some people, but everybody cannot pull it off!!”

tumblr_l7vgvvxirA1qd09eyo1_500Recently, I was made aware of article which was causing somewhat of stir, to say the least… The article was about how the “natural hair trend” had a lot of girls going natural however the writer felt natural hair wouldn’t suit every black women. Here are some excerpts from the  article:

“…Girls are cutting out their perms, wearing short curly but mostly nappy bushes, and starting locs… 
I wholeheartedly believe that the natural hair craze is becoming a trend if it is not one already. In the same way that many females follow and copy Rihanna's hairstyles and Nicki Minaj's pink lips, this is the same path that the natural hair trend is following. 
Everybody cannot wear short hair. Everybody does not look good with bright pink lips. Only a handful of females can pull off a short hair cut, let alone natural hair. 
…Women need to find out what looks good on them and what does not.
If your head is bigger than your body, short hair might not be the way to go. If your hair is dry, brittle, and extremely nappy, natural hair is just not for you. 
A lot of girls need a wakeup call. Some girls might just have to resort to a perm if the texture of their hair is not too pretty. If you know your hair does not grow, you might want to consider getting a sew-in and keeping one. 

We all try to be queens and some people feel like going natural is getting back in touch with your roots. However, if you are looking more like a slave than a queen, you might want to take a trip to the beauty supply store and get some perm or weave. 
This natural hair trend is getting out of control. I hate that girls walk around thinking that natural bush is fly when it is not. Ladies, please go do something to that head because that bush is making you look foolish. 

…Natural hair looks good on some people, but everybody cannot pull it off!!” (Source)

The point I really want to address is the last statement – “Natural hair looks good on some people, but everybody cannot pull it off!!”. It’s the same thing I’ve heard some other black women say when faced with the prospect of going natural; “I would love to go natural but I don’t think it would suit me” or “I would go natural but I don’t have good hair”.

But how can natural hair not suit all black women? It can be argued that certain styles don’t  complement everybody, for example, short hair doesn’t suit everybody neither does fringes or bangs. However, your natural hair isn’t a style - what you do with it is a style. Natural hair is just your hair in its natural state or texture. It’s a feature you’re born with, much like your eye colour or skin tone but if I said your natural eye colour doesn’t suit you that would sound absurd, wouldn’t it?

Whilst I understand women worry about what styles are flattering or complement them, natural hair is apart you like any other feature; your lips, your nose, yours limbs and skin. And how can someone NOT look good in the skin that their in? How can a person NOT look good the way God made them? How can it be that a black woman (or man lol) can't "pull off" what naturally grows from their head?

Furthermore, I think black women feel their natural hair won’t suit them because of constant messages and images that they are exposed to about western beauty ideals – that we don’t naturally fit. In fact, we’ve never fit them and so we are scared about looking “like a slave” because slaves are the only natural images of us shown over and over again. Whilst if you look Eurocentric your not a slave in fact, you can be rich, successful and more to the point beautiful. Because I’ve NEVER heard someone say a relaxer or straight cannot be pulled off by everyone and if you have, please tell me about it.

Natural hair DOES look good on everybody whether you have waves and curls or you have  kinks and coils. Embrace who you are because we are ALL naturally beautiful. Natural hair is your crowning glory because we ARE Queens and  Empresses.

What do you think about the article and it’s content? Do you feel natural only suits certain people? Tell me your views!

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