PRODUCT REVIEW: Diva Darling Microfiber Hair Towel

Diva Darling Microfiber Hair Towel

Price: £10.20 (plus P&P) from Boots, $11.99 from Amazon

*I got mine for half that price at TK Maxx (TJ Maxx if your in the states)

What it says:
Aren’t you tired of using that heavy old towel to dry your hair?

And what about all that blow drying.. or leaving the house with wet hair? (not to mention those nasty split ends!)

Ta da!

Girls, get instant relief with this fabulous super-absorbent Diva Darling Hair Towel. It’s light as a feather and makes a great turban, too. The white Diva Darling Hair Turban is so original, it’s patented.

Diva Darling is made of Aquitex, which is a super-absorbent microfiber material that dires a girl’s hair quicker than an ordinary towel. Dry your hair in half the time.
  • Dry hair quicker- you’ve got better things to do
  • Real microfibre- a fancy word for super-absorbent
  • Less blow drying and no more nasty split ends.
Dimensions: 19” x 39” (50cm x 100cm).

What I’d say:

This really works! I use my Diva Darling Towel when I need to get out in a hurry after a co-wash and I don’t want to run out of the house with dripping wet hair. I just wrap it like a turban after my shower and by the time I reach my bedroom most of the excess water is gone. Plus I don’t even need to ruffle my hair to get it thoroughly dry meaning my curls stay intact.

Like it states it’s a good alternative to blowing out hair if you only want your hair to be dry or get rid of excess water and it is much better than ordinary towel as it much quicker at drying, lighter and generally more effective.

With that said, I do not use Microfiber Towel too often, as I find my hair styles easier and better damp and if I do have the time I tend to just squeeze excess water out with my hands. Another disadvantage of this towel is that it seems to pick up everything like dust and fibres which means it has to get washed after every single use.

Bottom line:

It definitely works and does exactly what it says. However whether it’s  a necessary item in your regime is questionable.

Rating: [5 out 5 ‘fros]

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