The K.I.S.S. Regime - A Simple Natural Hair Regime

tstI first found out about the term “K.I.S.S” or “Keep It Simple Sister” on the Natural Sunshine forum (a great place for natural hair: discussions, tips, styles and support). The concept of a “Keep It Simple Sister” is basically a natural haired sister who likes to keep it simple in regards to regimes and hair styling, pretty self explanatory really. I wanted to post my version of a K.I.S.S. regime, just to show that natural hair care doesn’t have to be complicated. This K.I.S.S. regime just includes the bare minimum to keep and grow healthy hair but if you want to add any additions, totally up to you!

1. Shampoo no more than once a week. Product can often build-up on your scalp and a clean scalp is vital for healthy and growing hair. You might want to think about buying a sulphate-free conditioner or even just diluting a normal shampoo because normal shampoo tend to be more drying. I would say once a week should be the maximum you should shampoo your hair, however play around periods between shampoos to see what works for you and your hair. Remember shampoo is more for the scalp and not really the hair.

2. Follow up with a moisturising/hydrating conditioner. Conditioner as opposed to shampoo is meant for the hair in particular. I would actually suggest that this should be deep conditioner as opposed to just a normal rinse-out as these penetrate the hair better. And like I mentioned in an earlier post “deep conditioning restores moisture to our hair, which prevents shedding and breakage”.What you should do with the conditioner is smooth it into sections of your hair and leave on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. Whilst your conditioning is one of the best time to detangle – I usually just use my finger to do this.

3. Seal with oils or butters and moisturise when necessary. Once you’ve put moisture or put water in your hair, you want to seal it in so isn’t lost therefore preventing your hair from getting dry. Simple choose your favourite oil and apply it to the ends of your hair. In between washes you may find your hair gets dry or frizzy so apply leave-in or moisturiser when it is needed. Personally, I even use a moisturiser/leave-in directly after washing as well.

4. Simple styling. After you’ve washed, conditioned, sealed etc. you could simply braid or twist your hair and keep it like that until you next wash it or you could twist/braid it then wear twist-out/braid-out styles or you could just wear a simple puff style – there are so many different simple styles I can’t even name them but obviously you can many ideas from the blog.

5. Every once and a while do a protein treatment/conditioner. Using protein treatments can make hair stronger, smoother, softer, fuller and healthier.You can do one as often as every fortnight or as in frequent as every 2 months! Just find out what work for your hair – if your hair is damaged you might want to do it more frequently however.

As I mentioned before you can add more to this regime like co-washes, pre-poo, baggying, oil rinses etc. And obviously you may want to add a couple more styling products like curling cream or gels. You might also want to wrap your hair at night in satin or use a satin pillowcase to prevent your hair drying and to maintain hairstyles. But if your starting out natural or you’re looking to build a hair regime I would say try this first and then add to it and experiment with this.

What do you think about this simple regime? Are you already a Keep It Simple Sister or are you planning to simplify your hair regime? Tell me what you think.

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