Hair Typing: Helpful or Unnecessary?

I’ve never really had a great interest in hair typing – for me, it was all a bit too confusing, so I kept away from the subject when I first went natural. But recently I went to a natural hair salon for a consultation; where the hair dresser gave me a hair analysis. I discovered a few things from the analysis: my hair is medium density (meaning not really thick or thin), medium porosity and I was (supposedly) hair type 3A.

The consultation really got my thinking though – is knowing your hair type actually helpful?
On one hand I can see how it is hair typing is helpful – you can discover your hair like and dislike without (so much) need for the trial and error testing of products and hair care techniques. You can get help from people grouped in the same texture in regards to product reviews or even hair styling.

But on the other hand, for most hair typing is confusing. Not only that but most people tend to have a head full of different hair textures. For instance in the front middle section of my hair I have loose curls/waves but on the sides and centre of my hair I have really quite tight springy curls. Furthermore, I think it can promote the idolisation of certain hair types (but I guess that does already happen without the use of hair typing).

Personally, I think I’ve been natural a year plus without needing hair typing so I don’t really see the usefulness of it but what do you think readers have you found hair typing helpful or do you find it unnecessary or even a hindrance to learning and understanding hair? 

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