Back to Basics Natural Hair Care: How to Condition

This “Back to Basics Natural Hair Care” Series is designed to supply you with a foundation of knowledge to help you look after your beautiful tresses and is perfect for those who are newly natural, transitioning or considering going natural.

Conditioner is important for the hair because it keeps the hair smooth, shiny and most importantly moisturised. Because curly and afro hair textures are naturally dry it is imperative that you condition you hair; after every shampoo and deep condition around once a week.

How to Condition

Step 1: Start with wet hair and a generous amount of conditioner (for me generous is a palm-full or two).

Step 2: Start applying the conditioner to the ends first. You want to focus on the ends of your hair in particular because sebum (the natural oil produced by your scalp) finds it harder to reach the end and they are the oldest part of your hair - therefore the ends need more moisturising.

Step 3: Continue applying the conditioner to the rest of your hair. However you’ll probably need no conditioner or very little conditioner towards the root (and scalp).

Step 4: Once your hair is saturated with conditioner, let the conditioner soak into the hair for two to ten minutes for a normal rinse-out conditioner and ten minutes to an hour for a deep conditioner.

Step 5: One of the best times to detangle your hair is whilst its saturated with conditioner– detangling whilst you have the conditioner in your hair is great because the conditioner provides extra “slip” for your hair, meaning it reduces friction but also it means you can detangle without disturbing your curls. Using a wide-tooth comb or your finger start detangling gently from the ends of your hair working your way to the roots.

Step 6: When your finished detangling rinse the conditioner out with water.

• When you’re done conditioning gently squeeze excess water out of your hair to maintain curl definition.
• Pat dry hair with towel to avoid frizz.

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