PRODUCT REVIEW: Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner

This brand has been subject to a lot of controversy (concerning it’s name and the whole #teamlightskinned comment) and because of that I did hesitate about trying it out. But I decided that I would put all the drama and politics aside so I could do actually see how good the product was and try to an unbiased product review.

Price: £17.50 ($16.99 USD)

What they say: Moisturize – Control Frizz – Define Curls
Finally, a curl defining formula designed for "us." whether you're Black, White, Asian, Latin, Mediterranean or any glorious combination of the above, you'll love the way this alcohol-free, non-sticky, lightweight product leaves your hair inviting to touch as it defines and locks moisture into every curl. be a proud part of our multi-racial movement. show your curls and radiantly roll with "mixed chicks"
  • Often people with straight or wavy hair have frizz that needs taming. MIXED CHICKS leave-in was designed for curls
  • Do some products make your hair sticky or too heavy?
  • Do your curls look good for a few hours then start to shrink?
  • Mixed Chicks makes radiant curly hair.

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Amodimethicone, Emulsifying Wax, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein/PVP Crosspolymer, Stearalkonium Chloride, Methylgluceth 20, Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Jojoba Oil, Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) Oil, Primrose Oil, Wheat Amino Acid, Crosilk, Hydrolyzed Collagen (Marine), Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, FD&C Yellow 5 Aluminum Lake (CI 19620), FD&C Yellow 6 Aluminum Lake (CI 19630), Fragrance

What I say:
Pros Cons
  • Gives curl definition
  • Keeps hair moisturised
  • A little goes a long way
  • Nice consistency
  • Expensive!
  • Contains parabens and silicones
I used this product after my co-washes on damp, towel dried hair. I sectioned my hair into 8 and apply a small blob to each section. I must say the leave-in alone doesn’t give me great definition however paired up with my Eco Styler gel my curls look gorgeous but still natural. Sometimes when I apply the leave-in to my hair it does go a bit white and bitty (small white balls) however it does seem to disappear as the conditioner dries. The Mixed Chicks Leave-In keeps my hair moisturised but also helps to detangle, makes my hair manageable and easy to style. I must say I do love the light creamy consistency of the leave-in, it’s hard to find a creamy leave-in conditioner as most tend to have a watery consistency.
This must be one of the most expensive the most expensive product I’ve ever bought – in fact I could buy most of my product staples together for that amount. Personally I cannot justify that price and I don’t know how they can justify the price  either – the ingredients aren’t that great, neither is the packaging and although I did like the results… I still can’t justify £17.50 for 300ml.

Bottom line: The price is a real deal-breaker for me – however I might be convinced to splurge on this product for special events once in a while!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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