Fitting Natural Hair Care and Styling into a Busy Lifestyle

BackOfHead_AfroI have a hectic life! I am full time university student who works and is trying to start up my own business and I’m also committed to writing this blog as well. At any one moment I’ve got so many things to do and sometimes I feel a bit like Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘I Don’t  Know How She Does It’ (Have you watched it? Trust me it is so relatable!). But how do you balance a busy on-the-go lifestyle whilst still looking good? Moreover how can you get your natural hair looking flawless within minutes of getting out the door? Well, I’m gonna tell you how I do it!

When I leave out my house looking on-point makes me feel good and it starts me off in the right direction for the rest of the day! On the other hand, when I feel a bit of a mess (usually because I have some sort of hair disaster or a wardrobe malfunction) it’s like my days been doomed (I’m exaggerating of course) and I don’t feel as confident. For me it’s a necessity to be ready and looking good within at least an hour and that means going from bed head to stunning hair styling very quickly… Here are some tips I put together to make you hair care and styling more manageable;

Wrap and prepare your hair the night before.
It is so easy to go to bed without a care (especially when it comes to hair) – and I hate to admit it but even I sometimes after a rollercoaster day cannot be bothered to wrap my hair or put on a satin bonnet. If your like me (lazy, that is) invest in a satin pillowcase they don’t cost too much and allow you to wake up without the bone dry, frizzy hair a cotton pillowcase would leave you with.

Retaining Moisture at Night with Cornrows and TwistsSattin Bonnet and Pillow case

If you have the time put a few twist, braids or cornrow in your hair at night – this will not only retain moisture in your hair but can also be a great basis for styling you hair the next day. You could wear the same braids/twists in a style the next day or you could wear a braid-out/twist-out style.

natural hairr braid outnatural hair chunky braid out
Master the wash and go
I'm a big fan of wash and go’s but I know not everyone is a passionate about the mid-week wash. Personally, I feel that after I put a little conditioner on my hair it easier to style and my curls are more defined. I just put a little curl cream/moisturiser, some oil and a little gel on my freshly washed hair and I can pull my hair into a bun, puff or ponytail (more like puff-tail).

quick wash n gowash-and-go

Braid it up! Or twist it up!
Try doing a long-lasting style like a braid, twist or cornrow style. After the initial styling there’s no need for too much maintenance – just a little moisturiser or oil and your good to go!

cornrow styleProtective style

Never try something new if you don’t have time experiment!
Believe me it’s not a good idea, always try a style out before actually committing to it on a day out.  In fact the same goes for hair styling products, there nothing worse than having to wash out a bad product combination when your in a rush!

Go-to styling
Puffs, ponies and buns are my go-to styles that I can do in minute without having to anything difficult or complicated. Add a parting or accessories (pretty hair pins/slide, Alice bands etc.) to vary the style.

Classic natural hair puffCute simple pulled back natural hairThe classic natural hair puff

Get a good regime together
I think this is one of the key steps to managing your natural hair. Once you know how your hair behaves you can kind of anticipate what in needs in advance – for instance how long you hair can go before in need moisturising or washing. I like to time things like deep conditioners and treatments for days that I have less to do (Sunday), I have learnt that it is necessary to deep condition my hair every week or so and so every Sunday I dedicate time for that

Some more quick and easy styling inspiration:

Accessorising natural hair with hair bandsAfro pinned down at the side
Afro puff using a scarfAfro with front sectioned pinned
Bun with hair bandChic messy bunCute natural hair with accessoriesEasy hump styleEasy to do pinned natural hair style with flower accessory Large natural hair bunQuick pinned froWell groomed curly fro

Thank you for reading my tips! If you have any other tips drop me a comment! Likewise if these tips have helped you, drop me a comment too!

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