4 Reason I LOVE Natural Hair

#1. Because of the versatility...
I used to think natural hair wasn't versatile. During my teen years, I was always on the search for my next new hairstyle in black hair magazines and there were never that many styling options that didn't involve a relaxer or weave. It was only after I went decided to go natural in 2009 that I discovered an extensive amount of natural hair styling options.

I have since tried a vast array of styles on my natural hair and I still have many more styles I want to try. Twists, twist-outs, braids, braid-outs, flat-twist, bantu knots, cornrows, puffs, afros, frohawks and tuck'n'pin. I can even wear my hair straight if I want to and wear styles I used to wear on my relaxed hair!

#2. Because of all the textures...
Before I went natural I never understood hair types and textures fully. I realised that my hair wasn't as kinky as some as my friends but I never understood what it was.

I now love my new found kinky-curly hair. And because I now understand what my texture is, I know what I can do with it. I can do wash'n'go, defined bigger curls and curly afro styles. As opposed to kinkier hair textures which can do afros, twist, braids and protective styles really well. Every natural hair texture is so beautiful, individual and can some sort of styling really well.

#3. Because it's empowering...
Making the transition to natural hair was harder then I expected it to be. I thought it would just be a change of hairstyles but it wasn't. Wearing my natural hair at school and work for first times took confidence, confidence that I didn't think I had at the time. My first few trips out with my TWA, I shied away I kept my head down. But then I consciously made the decision that I would walk with my head up and to be beautiful because I am beautiful.

It is empowering loving yourself as you are naturally.

#4. Because my hair makes me unique
Well everybody is unique anyway but my natural hair is just an extension of that. The texture, characteristics, density, colour - all of that is completely unique to me!

Well, those are my four main reason (out of many) why I love natural hair. I would love to know what it is you love about natural hair, drop me a comment.

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