16 Great Natural Hair YouTube Vloggers

I love natural hair vlogs because you can get so many great tips, techniques, styles and watch natural hair journeys. It took me 3 days but I've complied a list of some of my favourite YouTube Natural Hair Vloggers and I listed 16 below in no particular order.

1. MsVCharles

Vee has a quirky personality which makes watching her videos extremely enjoyable. She does a wide variety of videos on not only hair but fitness, health and fashion.

Must watch videos: My ONE Hairstyle for ANY Occasion!, TWA Styling & Castor Oil & Hair Growth

2. FusionofCultures

Laila-Jean has absolutely gorgeous hair and she definitely knows what to do with it! She does simple gorgeous hairstyles and on the flip side more intricate detailed styled - all are absolutely lovely. She also does great review on independent brands, giveaways, nail art tutorials and discussion vlogs.

Must watch videos: Updo with BeUnique Hair Care Mango Twist, My Wet Twist Out & So you want to transition...


PRETTY DIMPLES01 is great youtuber if you like tutorials on a wide variation of hair styles such as updos, roller sets, twist and braids.  Her hairstyles are great because they are so creative and beautiful. Also she does vidoes on hair care and general hair upkeep.

Must watch videos: Request Updo, Stuffed Twists & Flexi Rod Set

4. Naptural85

One of the most popular Natural Hair Vlogger on YouTube. Naptural85 has so many great tips and tutorials etc! She explain everything really well, so she is really easy understand. Her hairstyles also have great results as well and I almost certain she has a hairstyle tutorial for every occasion and situation.

Must watch videos: Twist Out Method 101, Summer Fun Curly Fro & 2 Minuted Twisted Side Ponytail

5. BlackOnyx77

BlackOnyx77 is another great vlogger of hairstyling, haircare, accessories and fashion. If you like funky, fashionable hair definitely subscribe to her channel.

Must watch videos: Products that helped my hair grow & Sealing The MOISTURE in Natural Hair

6. thekglifestyle

KG demonstrates chic and sophiticated styles for medium to long hair. For me KG styles are great just to inspire me to grow my hair longer so I can attempt some of these.

Must watch videos: Chic Pompadour Bantu Knot Out, Quick Natural Hair Styles & My Top 5 Natural Hair Lessons

7. Nikkimae2003

Mae must be one of the most famous natural hair vloggers. She has a vibrant and fun personally that comes across in her videos. She showcase a number of hairstyles and hair care techniques and she is absolutely enjoyable to watch.

Must watch videos: Mae's Elegant French Roll with Bang, Natural Hair Turban Style & Mae's Winter Natural Hair Regime

8. HairCrush

Chime Edwards hair could cause serious hair envy. She reveals lots of tips and techniques on how she looks after her hair but also on how she styles her hair as well.

Must watch videos: Tips For Transitioners to Natural Hair, Prevent Breakage: Baggy Method & Deep Conditioning Info. & Tutorial

9. br0nzeqt

Br0nzeqt is a vlogger, I started watching when I was newly natural. Her videos are great for beginners to natural hair: easy to follow and  full of information.

Must watch videos: Quick Styling: Classic Puff, Braid-out Tutorial & Next Day Hair


IKNOWLEE's channel is definitely a must watch for the stylish naturalistas out there with various vlogs on natural hair styling and haircare, fashion and reviews.

Must watch videos: How To: Bow Head Wrap, Twisted Side Fro Hawk Tutorial & Spice Up Your TWA

11. BlakIzBeautyful

Jenell has done a lot of styles on short and medium length hair which is great for those of us haven't got long locks (as of yet). She also runs KinkyCurlyCoilyMe one of my favourite blogs.

Must watch videos: 3 Quick Short Natural Hair Styles, Natural Hair Tutorial Wash'n'Go & Elegant Roll, Tuck and Pin Protective Style Updo

12. kimmaytube

Kim has the ability to keep you interested whilst shedding a lot of light on subjects regarding hairstyling and hair care. She has grown her to amazing lengths and shows you a lot of her journey and techniques.

Must watch videos: Conditioning Stretching Type 4 Hair, How to Control your hair with pH Balance & My YouTube Hair Journey

13. SimplYounique

Another great vlogger for beauty obsessed (like myself), SimplYounique has brilliant videos on sophisticated and cute hairstyle but also make up looks.

Must watch videos: Lazy Day Hairstyles on Natural Hair, My Staple Products For Kinky Natural Hair & Textured Side Swept Bangs on Natural Hair

14. taren916

Taren's channel is great for discussion and natural hair care tip & techniques.

Must watch videos: How I Straighten My Natural Hair, Hair Scarf Styling Tutorial & Tips on Diffusing

15. KaShEeRaLaTaSh

Another must watch channel for the stylish naturals out there. This channel is great if you like OOTD, Make-up looks as well as natural hair.

Must Watch Videos: Braid out using Eco Styling Gel, Defining My Natural Hair & Natural Hair Bang Tutorial

16. MahoganyCurls

MahoganyCurls hair will give serious curl envy. If you're looking for high quality video tuturials and how-tos, watch her channel. (I can't believe I forgot Mahogany Curls in my original list - thank you to Donna for suggesting this one.)

Must Watch Videos: UPDATED Wash n Go Routine 2012Roller Set on Natural Hair & My 2013 Hair Regimen

Who are your favourite Natural Hair Vloggers on YouTube? Do you have a channel? Leave me a comment.

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