EVENT REVIEW: Beauty Within Me

I must start this review first with an apology because it is so long overdue, so I'm very sorry about the long wait and I hope you can forgive me. Moving on Beauty Within Me was a weekend long event consisting of seminars, workshops and discussions all about Hair, Beauty, Nutrition, Health and Fitness - so I was very excited when I was invited to attend because these are of course, topics I am very passionate about!

The first day of Beauty Within Me was all about Beauty, Skincare and Hair and it was hosted by Tameka Empson (from EastEnders) who was a hilariously funny host. There were seminars from Clare Eluka (founder of Premae Skincare), Shirley MacDonald AIT (Trichologist) and nutristionist Angella Tella RD MBDA which were all inmmensely informative and interesting. And also a panel discussion on "The benefits of using natural hair and skincare products" consisting Clare Eluka, Sonia Evelyn (founder of FroHer), Andrea Lawrence, Rongke Ige (founder of Emi & Ben) and Belinda Raji (founder of BeUnique Hair Care) which again was very enlightening and informational. They also had a great little marketplace showcasing loads of small products and brands in hair and skincare as I am such a product junkie I was in heaven!

The second day of Beauty Within Me was all about Health, Nutrition and Fitness and was hosted by Lisa Bent. The pace of the second day was a little slower but I stilled found it quite engaging and of course very informative. The day started with a very interactive workshop by Pablo Imani on Afrikan Yoga which was a bit out of my comfort zone but was still very calming. Then there were talks on Mental Heath, Lifestyle Dis-Ease, Nutrition and Fitness. Some were definitely more intriguing then others nevertheless the sheer amount of knowledge I learnt about these topics is simply outstanding.

Overall, I thought Beauty Within Me was a great event. It was run very professionally, on time, with a great line up of speakers. It was very educational and motivated me to start making positive changes in my life. Also it was very inspirational to see so many black entrepreneurs and professionals.

I hope the organiser of Beauty Within Me run this event again because it was excellent and if they do I will certainly be attending!

Photos from Beauty Within Me (courtesy Gabriella Sapphira Photography):


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