Going Natural: Making the Decision

If you're considering going natural a good starting point is actually analysing why you want to go natural and if you are ready to go natural. If you want to be successful in making any change in your life, it is always good to identify the purpose, your aims, your readiness to implement the changes and possible implication of that change. Before you take the steps to go natural: do your research, talk to naturalistas on their experiences with natural hair, look at possible styles and products you can use... Soak in as much knowledge as you can so you can make an informed decision whether natural hair is for you and if you are ready to go natural.

Why go natural?

There are many reasons why you may want to go natural. I decided to go natural because I was becoming more aware that black women don't wear natural hair because it's not seen as beautiful /  professional / sophisticated. Natural hair as well as other physical feature akin to "blackness" are not seen as desirable. I realised essentially I wasn't comfortable in my own skin. Also, my mum. went natural before me, I was seeing all the possibilities and the beauty of natural hair and that why I decided I wanted to go natural.

For some women going natural symbolises returning to their "roots", re-establishing a connection with their history or culture. Whilst for other going natural is all about embracing their natural beauty and becoming comfortable in their skin.

Other reasons for going natural include:

- To embrace your natural beauty
- To grow healthy hair
- Because relaxers and texturisers are damaging to hair and pose  health risks
- As a political statement
- As a statement of your individuality
- Because kinks, coils and curls are beautiful and the versatility of natural hair
- Or because it "can" be cheaper

Are you ready to go natural?

Natural hair can be challenging especially you have little knowledge of it. Many of us have had relaxers from a young age and don't know what our natural hair texture is. Also many of us have been taught many bad hair and scalp practices which can make our hair harder to handle (unmanageable) and essentially damage hair. Consider the follow before you commit to going natural:

- Are you prepared to deal with your natural hair texture? You have to be willing to accept what you have. Whether that be kinky, coily, curly or wavy. All are beautiful, all have different styles and techniques which make caring for them manageable.
- Are you ready to learn about styling and hair care techniques? 
- Are you willing to experiment with hair products? Whilst some products may still work for you. Relaxed hair and natural hair require different type of care. You'll find that some products you no longer need where as you discover a new need for others. Finding the right products can make styling and hair care much easier.
- Are you ready to spending the amount time necessary on your hair? Going natural and natural hair can require a lot a patience and good regime to get good results.
- Are you prepared to rough it through bad hair days? Bad hair days happen to everyone but whilst transitioning to natural hair and growing out stages, you are much more prone to them and unfortunately bad hair days are going to happen.
- Are your prepares to deal with possible negative attitudes about natural hair and negative stereotypes?
- Are you confident enough?

If you can answer yes to most or all of these questions then you are ready to go natural.

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