EVENT REVIEW: H.A.I.R. (History, Attitude, Identity, Respect)

Hair, Attitude, Identity, Respect (H.A.I.R for short) was a great free event by Teanne Andrews and Sasha Henriques that took place early October (once again, I'm sorry for the delay for this review) in the Rich Mix London . The event was all about celebrating the history of African hair: in terms of styling and haircare but also what it represents.

The event was a mixture of discussions, workshops, exhibition, art and video. In the early part of the day there was discussions and debate on several topics including the origins and history of the afro hair combs, styling and haircare through history etc with a panel which included Sandra Gitten (the origins of afro combs), Belinda Raji (BeUnique Haircare) and Crystal Afro (United Kinkdom blog). The discussion was very informative and educational and it tied in with the whole exhibition which further expanded African hair history. The debate got very heated but it still was very enjoyable to hear the panellist and audience opinions.

Later on the day there was talk from Melissa Blake and Huguette Lawson of Bespoke Hairstyles who discussed good hair practices and shared tips on keeping African hair healthy. We also got watch "Black, Bold and Beautiful" a thought provoking movie on the politics of black hair; a must watch for natural hair aficionados.

In addition there were gorgeous displays of afro art, a great resource table with many book (which I wanted to steal, lol), a barbershop corner and performances from Silhouettes In The Dark and poet, Comfort.

Honestly, the whole event was jammed packed with so much to information, things to look at, things to do and people to talk to. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, I would most definitely go again if they put on another event. It was very well organised and well thought out.

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