HAIRSTYLES: Hair Updo (Halloween)

I'm not much of a Halloween person but when I got invited out to a friends house party I thought I'd make a bit of an effort. So I decided to adorn the classic cats ears and go for a bit a leopard outfit. I also did a bit of a updo hairstyle which I think turn out super cool.

To achieve this hairstyle, I applied Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream and a moisture sealant to my hair in sections. I partitioned a front section of my hair with a crocodile clip/duck bill clip and set that section aside. With the rest of my hair I swept back, gelling the back and side to get to smooth look.I finished by finger combing the front section of hair to the side and used bobbin pins to maintain a side-swept bang effect. Finally I added my cat ear headband to accessorise my Halloween outfit but you can also accessorize with feathers, flowers and bows for an everyday look. This style was quick and easy but still looks really cute. What do you think?

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