8 Ways To Save Money On Your Natural Hair

Many of us thought when we decided to go natural it was going to be much cheaper then maintaining our weaves and relaxed hair. However the reality is natural hair can be expensive. In fact, very expensive especially if you're shelling out on the newest organic range of natural hair products that seem to have every YouTube vlogger in absolute hysteria. Or if you're attending every natural hair event within a 20 mile radius. Or if you're going to hairdresser on weekly basis to hook you up with yet another protective style! I mean that's great... if you can afford it, that is but not so fantastic when there are bills to pay and stomachs to fill not to mention we are currently facing a double-dip recession as well.

The point that I'm trying to make is, in these times savings need to be made where possible. And although I love natural hair, it's not a top priority above our basic needs like food and shelter etc. That's why I wanted to do this post so I could share some frugal tips that you and your hair will love!

1. Make your own hair treatments
You can make a lot of treatments at home out of everyday things in your kitchen cupboards or fridge. For example; Apple Cider Vinegar can be use for more then just salad dressing, it doubles up  as a  great clarifying and conditioning treatment when mixed with distilled water. Also you can make your own hot oil treatments with a mixture of your favourite oils like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Honey can be more then just a treat for a sweet tooth, it can also be a great addition for a deep conditioning treatment because of it's moisture drawing properties. Plus eggs, mayonnaise  avocado and coconut milk are all great for those with damaged hair and need a bit of a protein treatment. Check out all my DIY beauty here.

2. Do product swaps on product that don't work for you
They say "one man's trash is another man's gold". Rather then having products sitting around that you don't use, join a forum where can do product swap with others and try a different product that may work better for you.

3. Dilute products down
There are some product that I find are quite concentrated so when they are diluted down with a bit of water they are still effective or even more then they were initially. Shampoos can be easily diluted down this is not only cost effective but some people find it causes less dryness whilst cleansing the hair. Conditioner is also one that can be diluted down especially if your trying to use the last few drops in the bottle.

4. Research products before trying them out
Never buy a new product on a hunch or because the packaging looks nice or because it promises the world (amazingly all reason I've bought products before) because you run the risk of buying a bad product and wasting your money. Always do a little research first so you can assess how good the product is and whether  it's worth trying out. Personally, I like to do a quick Google search and look at a few review before I make a decision.

5. Invest in multi purpose products
I like to use haircare products that can double up in purpose. For instance a styling product that also be a good moisturiser or a sealant that can also be a pre-poo treatment. This just saves me from having to buy two individual products which would of course cost me more.

6. Use natural oils and butter
Branded sealants, hair oils and butters brought from the store can be very expensive. Trade down to using your favourite natural oils and butters instead. I like to buying my natural ingredients from a website called Akoma. They sell ingredients like Shea butter in wholesale amounts which make it much cheaper then buying it in small amountselsewhere. Plus you can always place a large order and split the price with friend to make it even cheaper.

7. At home styling as opposed to going to salon
There are so many tutorials on YouTube that can show you how to do any style you can imagine (well almost) . There are also great how-tos on learning techniques like twisting, braiding etc. It might take a bit of while master styles and techniques. But it will save you a lot of money and you can do your hair just how you like it!

8. Don't spend a fortune on natural hair events.
I love attending natural hair events; you can pick up tips and techniques, socialise and find out about natural hair product lines - but the truth you can spend a fortune doing so. I'm not telling you not attend natural hair event just be concious of the cost. Personally I feel I can't justify the cost to what I'll get out of it (i.e. knowledge or contacts) I won't go. If you are going to go to event where they will be selling items budget your money. I like to only take with the amount of cash I can afford to spend to those event. I also like to keep in mind things I need so when I get there I don't splurge on unnecessary items.

Have you got any money saving tips? Do you do any of the above to save on natural hair products? Drop me a comment.

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