HAIRSTYLE: The Blowout

I don’t tend to do heat styling.  Purely because my first attempts to straighten my newly natural hair in 2010 was a disaster. I exaggerate, of course but at the time I caused my hair quite bad heat damage which was a major setback to my goal of growing out my NSTWA (Not So Teeny Weeny Afro, lol). I had to do a solid regime of protein treatments, deep conditioning and frequent regular trims to restore my hair back to its former curly glory. Ever since then I have been quite shy of heat styling plus I enjoy the ease of wash-n-go’s , curly afros and afro puffs too much to ponder on the wonders of straight tresses.

However, this year I decided I really want to start growing my hair longer – just to challenge myself and so I can have more hair to play with. Before this year, my goals have been more centred on having healthy hair and experimenting with new hairstyles (which I will continue to do this year nevertheless).

Anyways… I wanted to do a blowout on my hair just so I could get an idea how long my hair actually is! And as you can see my hair just about touches my shoulders from the front and at the back the longest strands reach just above my armpit. HOWEVER annoyingly my hair is wildly different lengths which is making me wonder if I should start this year with a professional trim before I make an effort to grow my hair long - what do you think?

 This being my second blowout I think this style was very successful however I did not keep it for long just because I love my curls! I'll post on how I achieve this style next week so keep tuned for now and tell me what you think of the blowout...

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