Styling a TWA | TWA Hairstyles (Part Two)

Just because you have a TWA, it doesn't mean you don't have hairstyling options! There are plenty of ways to showcase you Teeny Weeny Afro at it best. Bottom line: Short hair does not mean no variation.

I complied these photo of my favourite TWA hairstyles, along with some tutorials to get you inspired. Looking at these photo makes me want to BC again! Enjoy and check out TWA Hairstyles (Part One) for more styling inspiration!

Finger Coils 
Finger coils are a chic, sexy and sophisticated hairstyle which look fantastic on short natural hair. All you really need is leave-in, hair gel  and your fingers to create this ultra defined curly style.


Frohawk styles come in many variations. The simplest way to recreate this style is by pinning both sides of your hair using gel and bobbin pins. Create a more complex frohawk by cornrowing or flatwisting sides of the hair. You can also twist, braid, twistout or braidout the middle section of the hair as well!

Twistouts are a go-to style in the natural hair community! Simply twist your hair overnight (or longer) using your favourite styling cream and/or gel. Then untwist to create this style. That simple!

The afro puff is a simple style and still a go-to for me even without the TWA. Moisturise and comb your hair with a wide tooth comb or a afro pick to achieve volume. Then use a hair band or headband to create your puff. Add accessories for extra style points!

Side Parts
Adding a side part to your TWA is a super simple way to change up your look. Sounds too simple to be true but by just changing where you would normally part your hair or adding a part to your normal hairstyle can make a massive difference to your look.

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