Four Steps for Maintaining Natural Hair at Night

Doing my hair at night is an integral part of my hair regime especially because I tend not do long-term protective styling. Without doing the proper care at night hair can go from super cute to crazy matted frizzy bed head in the morning (which is not fun to style when you have 15 minutes to get out the door).

So what I usually do at night is summarised into four easy steps and make my hair super manageable to deal with in the morning:
  • step one: mist my hair with a little H20
  • step two: after apply I some leave-in conditioner or moisturiser (I tend to favour leave-in)
  • step three: style my hair in 8 to 16 chunky twists or braids
  • step four: then I will put on my fetching satin bonnet which keeps my cotton pillowcase from drying out my hair

I also used to do 5 or 6 chunky cornrows however I don't tend do that so much now that I have a bit more length because twist-outs and braid-outs are easier to style on. Anyway, that is my updated night time regime but what I really want to know is... 

How you maintain your natural hair at night? Drop me a comment below.

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