My Top Five Go-To Natural Hairstyles

I realised as of late, that it's been a while since I've posted a new hairstyle. And to be honest the reason why is simply because it hasn't been a major priority and I find myself quite comfortable in my usual repertoire of hairstyles. Don't get me wrong though, I love experimenting with my hair but most of the time, I need to be out the door ASAP. I don't always have time to go searching through YouTube videos and Google Image for my next uber-chic do and that where my go-to styles come into play.

Soo I decided it was time to give some props to my go-to styles... Easy to do, quick and yet still cute - this styles don't quite get as much praise as they deserve.

5. The Updo with a Curly Bang 
A favourite of my mine for when I'm going out - this style is simply fierce!
How to achieve this look:You want to start off with defined curls or on a twist-out. Then section off a front centre section of the hair using a clip and slick the rest of your hair into either a high bun or ponytail/puff. Finally style you loose front section into a bang combing the hair forward.

4. The Sideways Roll, Tuck 'n' Pin

A sophisticated style in under 5 minute!
How to achieve this look: I like to do this style on stretched hair. Firstly create a deep side part on you hair and partition the front of the hair from the part all the way to the other side. With the rest of the you want to create a side bun on the opposite side as your side part. Finish by doing a flat roll on the leftover front section of hair and pin in place.

3. The Quiff
This style is great for every day or going out because it can be dressed up or down.
How to achieve this look: Once again start by sectioning the front centre part of the hair and slick the rest of the hair back into a high puff. Style the middle section hair by creating a hump in the hair and using pin to keep it in position.

2. The Flat Twist Headband 

There are quite of few takes on this style so you can adapt it for variety.
How to achieve this look: Flat-twist the front section of hair and style rest of the hair into a puff

1. The Puff
The natural hair puff has to be old faithful to me. It is my favourite go-to and I love the ease of styling my hair like this. For me it just never gets old!
How to achieve this look: Brush the front, sides and back of the hair and use a large hair band, tights or bra strap to hold hair in place.

What are your favourite go-to hairstyle? Drop me a comment below!

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