Going Natural: The Beginners Guide to Styling, Regimes & Haircare

Finally the last post in my Going Natural series! This series has been all about giving you all the knowledge you need, to get started on your natural hair care journey. This final post is packed with all my best tips that I have learnt along my natural hair journey with regards to styling, haircare regime and my haircare dos & don'ts.

Tips that will make hair styling super easy:
  • Styling on damp hair. I like to style on damp hair as this just get the best result when you want a really curly defined hairstyle. Be careful as hair that is wet is in a weaken state so when your manipulating you have to be gentle to prevent hair breakage. Use a spray bottle to get dry hair a bit wet before styling and if your styling hair that has just been washed blot it with a towel or t-shirt so it's not completely dripping wet.

  • Alternatively styling on stretched hair, meaning hair that has been twisted, braided, blown out or banded is a great way to retain length, play with texture.

  • YouTube and Blogs; are a great source for inspiration, how-tos and tips. These are always a great starting point for me especially if I'm in search of a new hairstyle. Check out my post on "15 Great Natural Hair YouTube Vloggers" for a guide on some of my favourite Youtubers.

  • Concentrate your hair styling products toward the ends of your hair. This prevent product buildup near your roots which can irritate your scalp and it also reduces the amount of product you need.

  • Try using styling lotions and creams as opposed to gel. I use to coat every inch of my hair with gel in an attempt to achieve the perfect curl but I came to the realisation gel can be very heavy on the hair also in can flake and get gummy especially when used in large amount. So I tend to favour curl cream now as they can provide hold without the flaking or tackiness of a gel whilst still defining my curl. Curl creams and twist lotion can also be used to create smooth twist and twist outs as well.

  • Rack, finger comb and scrunch curling products through the hair for the maximum curl.

  • Get perfect two strand twists and braid by smoothing products into the hair in a downwards motion and twisting the strands individually whilst twisting or braiding the hair. This gives your twists or braids very smooth sleek results

Guide to create the perfect regimen and finding the best products:
  • A good starting point for creating a regime is building on your existing regime. Experiment with products you already have and see what doesn't work for maintaining your natural hair.

  • Keep It Simple (Sister)! Don't over complicate your regime. When I just started with natural hair I was doing pre-poos, hot oil treatments, protein treatments, baggying, co-washing, shampooing... I mean the whole sha-bang! Natural hair doesn't necessarily need all those things, so start bare basic then add in treatments or products depending on what you feel you hair may need in addition. Check out my posts on "The K.I.S.S. Regime: A Simple Natural Hair Regime" and "My Current Haircare Regime"

  • Make a timetable for your regime. For example; I shampoo and deep condition my hair every Tuesday, every six week I do a protein treatment and co-wash on either a Friday or Saturday.

  • Research products thoroughly before you purchase them. Also ask other naturals what works for them. Make an informed decision when you are at your beauty supply store because you don't want to wasting a lot of money on bad products. Of course you will find that some products that are raved about on the net, don't live up to the hype however you  will saved a lot of money on product that are complete rubbish and be more pointed in the direction of quality products. Check out my product reviews as a starting point, I always give my honest opinions on haircare products I've tried and tested.

And finally my ultimate natural haircare and styling  DOs & DON'Ts:
DO use a widetooth comb or Afro comb.
DO NOT use a finetooth comb to detangle hair because it will tear out Afro textured hair.

DO use ouchless bands (hairbands without the metal bit) or tights to avoid snagging the hair.
DO NOT use elastic bands or hair bands wit metal parts.

DO use a satin bonnet at night.
DO NOT sleep on a cotton pillowcase without wrapping you hair, it will dry your hair out.

DO avoid products with mineral oil, petrolatum or sulphates in them as they can be very drying.
DO try to invest in product with best ingredients for your hair - natural ingredients.

DO NOT become a product junkie. You only need a small amount of products, once you find something you like stick with it.
DO swap products you dislike with others; what doesn't work for you can may work for someone else.
DO save money by whipping up you own homemade haircare recipes.

DO use a good water based moisturise or leave-in conditioner to hydrate your hair.
DO seal your ends with a natural oil or butter to keep in the moisture.
DO NOT solely use hairstyling products without a moisturiser or leave-in.

DO deep condition or use a treatment your hair after a shampoo.
DO NOT wash hair with only shampoo without using at least a rinse out conditioner.

DO NOT style your hair too tight as this can cause a receding hair line and bald patch.
DO NOT constantly style the same areas, switch up your styles.
DO try to do low manipulation styles and protective style.

I hope you  got something out from this series and enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing. I've tried answer all of your question on beginner natural hair but just in case I've missed anything out just drop me a comment or send me an email at nia(at) Thank you!

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