Ask Nia: How Can I Style My Fine/Thin Natural Hair?

Vicki asked "Any suggestions on really fine/thin hair twist out don't come out right and I'm tired of wearing updo with Marley hair.......HELP"

Hello Vicki,
Usually fine or thin hair refers to either the thickness of the hair strands (fine to coarse) or the density of the hair (thin to thick). As a result many naturalistas with fine or thin hair feels that certain style on them lack volume or show too much scalp.

First, let me address that there is nothing wrong with having fine or thin hair. Often many of us think that thick and coarse afro kinky and curly hair as the more healthy looking hair type but bear in mind fine and low density hair can be kept just as healthy and retain length just as much as its thicker and fuller counter parts.

My tips for getting the most out of thinner or lower density natural hair are to use lighter products - so steer clear of any heavy butters, pomades or styling gels  and also to try and concentrate the majority of any products you use on just the ends in order to not weigh down your hair. Also consider using protein treatments or a protein deep conditioner to thicken up fragile fine hair strands. Castor Oil is also an ingredient well known for its abilities to thicken hair strands as well so consider using that in your hair care regime. 

As fine hair can be very fragile handle it with the utmost care. Braid your hair before you shampoo it as the braids will prevent less breakage and hair loss. Always follow up with a hydrating conditioner and whilst your hair is saturated with conditioner it may be a good time to finger detangle your hair.

Finally, in terms of styling thin or fine hair, if you find that twist-outs aren't working for you try flat twist-out, braid outs and bantu knots-out for more volume. Rod sets, buns and updo hairstyles can look very nice on thin and fine hair as well. One of my favourite vloggers Pretty Dimples has videos on a variety of natural hair styles and I think would also work well on lower density and fine hair too.

I hope I've given you enough ideas on how to style and look after fine and thin natural hair. And if you have anyone has any tips for  thin or fine natural hair please share them with us in the comment section below.

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