PRODUCT REVIEW: Root2Tip Scalp Hydration Serum

Those of you that have ever suffered from a dry and flaky scalp know how frustrating it can be. Not only is a flaky scalp aesthetically displeasing but it can be really irritating and itchy. Naturally any product that help resolve these issues is an absolute godsend. Well, recently I have been using  the Root2Tip Scalp Hydration Serum and it has been a big breakthrough in resolving my scalp issues.

Root2Tip describes the Scalp Hydration Serum as:
"Our best Selling Oil...The SCALP HYDRATION Serum, Has been formulated especially for dry, itchy scalps, slow hair growth, thinning hair and dandruff. This oil will re-balance the moisture levels on your scalp after just one use, delivering essential scalp nourishment where needed. With continual usage, your hair has the perfect environment to grow at its optimum level healthier and stronger. Healthy hair and growth starts at the ROOT, Our formula contains nourishment for the scalp and roots, a blend of essential oils, minerals and scalp loving natural oils. Start your healthy hair journey now- HYDRATE your scalp for the healthiest hair you can grow!"
You use the Root2Tip Scalp Hydration Serum by applying it to sections of the hair and massaging it into the scalp in circular movement for at least 5 minutes. Then you can also apply some of the serum the rest of your hair like your ends.

After my first use of the Root2Tip Scalp Hydration Serum, I could already feel the oil going to work. Almost instantly my scalp felt soothed and less irritated. And after using this product for a while my dandruff has practically disappeared. This product has also been an influential product in stimulating my hair growth and retaining length for me. I absolutely love the fact this product is 100% natural with great ingredients including coconut oil and rosemary oil. The packaging is great too as the applicator is perfect for parting the hair which mean you're able to apply the oil easily with minimal mess.

At £8.99 this product is a bit more expensive then your average hair and scalp oil but I think the price is justified by it natural ingredients and almost instant results. I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it just a great all round product and delivers on its description. Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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