BOOK REVIEW: How I Grew It Long Naturally by Diane Hall

How I long for long tresses of Rapunzel length natural hair... OK, maybe not Rapunzel length but you know, bra strap length or mid back length, something I could swing over my shoulders and get weave checked for. Don't laugh at me I know I'm not the only black girl with that dream...

"How I Grew It Long Naturally" is a book written by Diane Hall and is a "step by step guide to the maintenance, growth & care of my Afro textured hair". It is packed full of tips, techniques and  photo guides to get you on the right track to retaining length on Afro hair. And it covers everything a natural girl need to get started on a healthy hair journey including hair science, hair types, hair care regimes and hair styling.

When I first spotted this book I knew that I had to have it because of sheer amount of photos it contains. Don't get me wrong I love reading but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I happen to be a very visual learner - I find I pick up things best when I see the process as opposed to be told about it. The photos in this book are amazingly clear and cover each and every stage.

I also really like the structure of this book. You can really start reading from any chapter as it more of a guide then a full process (as opposed to something like Chicoro "Grow It!") which I  personally really like. The style of writing is easy to understand but still quite informative.

Now, finally on to the results, I'm not going to lie to you I've been sitting on this book for a while. But not because the instructions and guides don't work but because I wanted to see what results I could get from using them over a long period of time. And let me tell you they have been pretty impressive so far - I've retain quite a lot of length and seen less breakage and hair loss so I would definitely recommend this book.

It retails at a reasonable £7.99 and is available from Amazon and

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