PRODUCT REVIEW: Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream

I have an obsession with curl creams. Which is probably  because a Wash'n'Go is my go-to hairstyle and good curl cream can transform a just-woken-up-misshaped-afro to a cute curly defined style within minutes. With that being said my latest curl cream on trial is the Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream for "styling & nourishing naturally curly hair".

I was lucky to pick this up at the Jane Carter 360 Transformation event held in London this June at the discounted price of £10  for 6oz/168g (normally about £12.99). The event was a great opportunity to shop the whole Jane Carter Solutions line in person as the brand is not available in UK stores and can be only found in the UK online (Curly Emporium and Beautiful Roots).

The Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream claims to "stretch and define your natural curl pattern". It also claims that it "enhances your natural curl, allowing you to wash and wear hair naturally. When applied to wet hair, it prevent hair from shrinkage as it dries. Curl Defining Cream dries weightless without buildup.... Beautiful hair with loads of shine!". The Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream is packed with natural ingredients - actually it's 98% natural and contains no parabens or mineral oil.

The first thing you notice when you open the Curl Defining Cream is the beautiful smell -  it smells fresh, zesty and flowery. I find the smell almost addictive - in fact I'm reviewing this product with the tub held underneath my nose because I just can't get enough of it! The cream itself is like a light lotion consistency that absorb it into the hair reasonably quickly. When I applied this curl cream to my wet hair, I could most definitely see a difference to my hair. Although, it did not clump my curl completely together, so there was still some frizz, it did enhance my curls pattern quite a bit - so I was very happy with the results. In terms of shine, I could absolutely see an improvement (as you can see in photo below) and I loved the light weight consistency which did not weigh my hair down or build up on my scalp or hair. I will say however I didn't feel like this product was moisturising enough to purely use it alone as my hair felt a little dry when I did this so you do have to cocktail with a leave-in condition/moisturiser and a sealant.

All in all, I was pretty content with Jane Carter Solutions Curl Definining Cream although it is something I couldn't see me repurchasing in the future because I wasn't wowed by the results and at the retail price of £12.99 for only 6oz it's kind of the pricey side. However this certainly isn't a product I would discourage anyone from trying as it has some great ingredients and would definitely work on curly girls with looser curl patterns (I'm not so sure this would work so well of very tightly curled/coiled because on the consistency to be honest). Rating: 4 out of 5.

Photos of my hair whilst using this product:

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