10 Quick Protective Style Tutorials for Natural Hair

Sigh... It's that time of year again... When wash'n'gos get swapped for braids & twists and 'fros get swapped textured updo's. There something about Autumn that says "it's time to protective style" - I'm guessing it's the arrival of the colder weather, getting back in to school/college/uni and really who wants to be waiting for a wash'n'go to dry in temperatures just above freezing (well at least here in the UK) but of course, I digress.

So I wanted to compile a list of ten super quick, very easy protective styles for those of us who may have a hectic/busy lifestyle and cannot spend more then 30mins-1hr styling hair but also for those us who just don't have patience to spend more then 30 minutes doing a hair style. So check out the videos and let me know what protective styling will you be doing this autumn?

 1. Goddess Braid
This style is really sophiticated and elegant perfect for an evening out or a formal event.

2. Halo Twist
Similiar to the 'Goddess Braids' this is a cute alternative that requires no braiding.

3. Flat Twist Updo
This chic updo is perfect for the office or an interview as it looks super professional.

4. Everyday Protective Style 
This a style perfect for naturalista who super short on time and need something super quick and easy to do their hair!

5. Twisted Bun 
This the perfect reinvention of the bun. This style is sophisticated and yet fun!

6. Traditional Buns/High Bun
A bun has to one of my favourite styles as you can wear them so many ways!

7. The "Cinnabun"
A delicious updo, perfect for work or play.

8. Twist, Roll, Tuck & Pin
A fun retro-esque 'do that only requires bobbin pins.

9. Twist Protective Styles
If ain't broke don't fix it! Twist are a classic protective style, jazz you twists up with these cool variations on them.

10. 4 Quick Protective Styles
SimplYounique shows us 4 quick styles that can be worn on a casual date out however these could be worn on a number of different occasions and all in under 20 minutes.

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