Why I big chopped, again...

I have come full circle in my natural hair journey. I started my natural hair journey with a very short lived transition, quickly did a big chop and for about 4 years now I've been growing my natural hair. I loved my natural hair, I still love my natural hair but for number of reasons I made the decision to let most of my length go and although I sometimes regret that decision, but I had my reasons...

My hair journey has shown me how versatile my hair is; I have seen the capability of what my hair can do in its unaltered state. I have played with styles, products, hair colours and hair care methods. I enjoyed playing with it but I also had times when I didn't bother with it, neglected and mistreated it. I have probably made every hair care mistake; I've fried it with heat, chemically damaged it with dyes, neglected to do an night time regime, used products that were wrong for me and abused it with styling tools. But those mistakes taught me the hard way lessons on the DOs and DO NOTs of natural hair.

I don't think my hair looked very damaged before I chopped it and to the untrained eye it probably looked pretty good but I was unhappy with the state of it. It was dull, limp and real short in places and I just wanted to start again. I thought about transitioning but I just really wanted to switch up my look as well so I made my way to the barber with a pic of Ms Arielvscupcakes_, my twa hair crush and made it happen.

I'm looking forward to growing out my hair in this cut and taking my hair journey somewhere else and that is focusing on length retention. I really want to see how long my hair can get, maybe I'll even go for waist length hair in the long term! Anyway, I hope you like my new cut, let me know what you think about it and furthermore I hope you enjoy following on this new part of my journey!

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