Hi, my name is Nia Everal and I'm a university student and a blogger. I'm obsessed with hair, beauty & fashion, of course. 

I've created two blogs which are 'My Kinks and Curls' - a blog about natural haircare & styling and 'The MakeUp Kit' - a blog about beauty & make-up.

In July 2009, I made the decision to transition to natural hair and into the natural me. And I finally executed that decision in March 2010 (when I BCed), but felt in adequate and insecure about how I looked. It was only until I reviewed my thoughts of what I felt beauty was and why I felt insecure, that I finally became comfortable with myself - and it was also a journey of self-discovery, learning about myself. I decided that beauty wasn't adhering to other standard or ideals of beauty but being yourself and being confidence. 

I started My Kinks and Curls in June 2010 because I wanted to encourage women like me to become confident about how the look and feel. I also wanted to help women to rediscover their natural beauty and look after their natural hair in particular.

Since March 2010, the aim of this blog has been too;
"To celebrate kinks and curls, natural beauty, individual fashion and style, confidence, beauty from within, strong sisters, being healthy and active and striving for success in every part of life"

I hope that this blog accomplishes that's and continues too. Thank you for your support.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or enquiries by emailing me at:

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